All recordings are carefully edited and re-recorded in an ITU calibrated dub stage to give you a high definition sound and a homogeneous sound field in stereo and surround. Generally they only need to be tweaked in a dramaturgic way or to fit your personal taste.

Because the local colour of our ambiences is not too distinctive most of them can be used in any project, regardless of language or region.

Equipment | Involved


> Nordic Audio Labs | NU-880F
> Schoeps | CMC6-MK4
> Soundfield | SPS-200

Field recorders:

> Cantar | X1
> Sonosax | SX-R4
> Sound Devices | 788T


> Harpex, Fabfilter
> iZotope RX4 ADV + Insight
> ProTools HD, Soundminer

Demo | Special Packs


Demo | Collection 01


Instead of a simple down-mix we offer a separate decoded ORTF stereo version. With a spacing of 17cm and a spread angle of 110° this provides a different spatial image while preserving the full content of the surround version. Together with Surround and B-Format files you have all possibilities in creating and designing the soundscapes you need.


The Surround version is mastered in 5.0 within the ITU-R BS 755 recommendations. For cinema playback we suggest raising the rear levels by 3 db. The Surround files are offered as widespread as possible in consideration of mono compatibility because narrowing a surround image is much easier than widening.


The B-Format captures all 3 axis of a sound field, including height information (WXYZ). You can shift the orientation or completely rearrange the sound field, zoom in on events or decode the stream to any desired output format, including Dolby Atmos® and Auro 3D®. It’s all in your hands throughout the entire postproduction process.

Mini | Collections


A bite from the Complete Collection| 01

10 Atmospheres | 10 Bucks

> Total Runtime: 50 minutes
> 1 Ambience of each Subcategory
> Each File is at least 4 min long
> 5.0 | Stereo | B-Format | 9.2 GB in total
> 24 bit | 96 kHz, bwav
> Soundminer and bwav Metadata
> Unique artwork for each soundfile

10 €

For more details please check the Track Sheet PDF.


Electronic | Presskit

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