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Do you offer quantity or site licence e.g. multi user discounts?
Yes, of course. Just check our Special Offers page. There you will find our full pricing philosophy.
I already have bought a single genre pack. Can I get a refund if I buy the complete collection?
Yes, of course. Just drop us a line with your account information and order number and we’ll send you a coupon which you can use during checkout.
I already have bought a pack but haven't registered an account. Can I still get the 10% returning customer bonus?
Yes, but you’ll have to create an account and drop us a line with your order number, so we can add your first order to your account.
I have a slow internet connection. Can I buy your files on an USB drive?
No, we currently don’t offer our packs on a physical drive. We thought about this option but with all the costs being considered (usb drive, international shipping, customs and tax) it gets expensive very quickly (+100 Euros). If you still insist on USB delivery and are willing to pay the extra you can contact us and we will see what we can do.
What about taxes - can I shop VAT free?
If you are outside the EU you don’t have to pay EU VAT.
Inside the EU you have to provide your VAT number during checkout to shop without additional VAT (B2B scheme). Otherwise you have to pay VAT depending on the country your IP address is located (B2C scheme). Also all Austrian citizens and companies have to pay VAT.

How long does the processing take after checkout?

After payment you instantly get an email with the download links and a PDF invoice. If you have registered an user account you can also log in and start the download from there.

Sound | Packs

Why should I bother with large 24 bit 96kHz files? All my projects are 16bit | 48kHz anyway.
We chose the higher resolution for a reason -> more possibilities while editing, especially for pitch- and time shifting. For example: Just playback our nature ambience ‘Donauauen’ at 30% speed and the lovely woodpecker turns this atmosphere into a World War 2 ambience!
Why are your ambiences 4 minutes or even longer?
We think that’s a good compromise between handiness and edit possibilities. That way you don’t have to loop in longer scenes and it gives you enough space to edit around events. If you have recurrent sceneries you can use different parts of the atmosphere instead of copying the whole sound file which makes a nice background variation without any repetition of obtrusive events.
When I place your atmospheres in my timeline they playback very loud.

Yes, but this way our ambiences audition well among other sound effects in Soundminer and other audio library tools. Also you see events much better in the waveform and you don’t have to adjust the monitor volume while switching to other sound effects.

But we didn’t compromise on sound quality! There’s no compression, we just used the whole dynamic range of a 24 bit file. Just set the track volume to -15dB as a starting point and adjust from there.

Why do your descriptions begin with the location or street name?
After a while working with our packs the location and street names give you a higher recognition of our sound files. Together with the unique artwork of every file you’ll find a specific atmosphere much faster next time you search for it. Also it is more informative in a crowded DAW timeline than an endless chain of cropped clip names which all start with ROOM TONE and CITY.
Your descriptions are very detailed. I'm not sure I need that much information.
Each sound designer builds his library differently. Usually every new entry will be modified to fit into the existing library organisation. Therefore deleting metadata is much easier than adding additional entries. On the other hand, e.g. during a live performance or a play rehearsal, it’s good to know what is coming next within a sound file. And who knows when you are searching for a motorcycle that the one in our ambience isn’t the one you’re looking for?