Eula | License

End User License Agreement for Luftrausch Sound FX Libraries, Downloads and Services

By using the services of the Luftrausch website and by downloading any content offered on our webpage you agree to the terms and conditions of this license agreement. If you do not agree to these terms stop using our content.

1. General:
Our products are licensed and linked to the named licensee and are not transferable.
The named licensee must be a natural person or corporate entity.
After payment the license fee can not be refunded.
International customers agree to be responsible for any import duties or taxes. Prices listed are net prices.
To prevent possible data loss or corruption, you are responsible for your own backup copy.

2. Grant of License:
Luftrausch libraries are licensed to you non-exclusively and royalty-free.
Each license covers one single user workplace. If you require a multi-user or site license please contact us.
Our licenses have a lifetime and worldwide validity.

3. Rights Granted:
Use of our sounds in any projects you are directly contracted or assigned to provide services to.
Re-record, duplicate, synchronize or release our sounds as part of a project. This includes mechanical, synchronization and public performance rights on any medium/media you choose, including films, television-broadcasts, DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, public viewings etc.

4. Restrictions on Uses:
No assignment of the sounds must be made to any other party except as required for the use of the sounds in a project.
Claim of owner or authorship of our sounds, photography or metadata (entire or in parts), even if modified.
Transfer, copy, share, adapt or sell our licenses and/or our sounds, photography or metadata to any other party (entire or in parts), even if modified.
Repackage, redistribute, or re-license our sounds, photography, metadata or any derivatives made from them (entire or in parts), even if modified.

5. Indemnity:
Luftrausch accepts no responsibility for any kind of loss, damage or injuries resulting from the usage of any of our products or arising from a delayed delivery, including any expenses or additional costs.
You will indemnify licensor from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, injuries, liabilities and all reasonable expenses, including legal and attorney’s fees incurred by licensor with respect to any matter that arises.
Luftrausch content does not come with any warranties.

6. Jurisdiction:
This agreement is governed by the laws of Austria. Place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Austria.

All sounds, photography and metadata are copyright Luftrausch. All rights in the sounds/libraries, photographs, metadata and any other content remain in property of Luftrausch. Any violation of this agreement automatically terminates this license and all copies of our content must be deleted.