Soundflow ClipEQ Deck!

We here at luftrausch are huge soundflow fans. It makes our postpro-lifes much easier and we are constantly tweaking, improving and trading scripts.

One of the newest additions is a full deck of ClipEQ commands Ingo built for StreamdeckXL. It lets you control ProTools very usefull ClipEQ with a push of a button.

It comes in two flavours:

  • The ‘horizontal’ version is especially useful for Dialogue Mixing and is based around a few well chosen frequencies, Q and gain spots.
  • The ‘vertical’ version is more utilitarian and works with relative changes. So it can be used on a broad range of sources and also to tweak existing eq settings.

You can see it working here or just check it out for yourself – it is freely available in the soundflow-package-store:

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