We, Ingo Pusswald and Thomas Voglreiter, are professionals in the field of film and television post-production and based in Austria.

Between projects we always search for new interesting sounds and tools to improve our setup. To scratch our own itch, we also started recording and creating our own sound library.
The sound packs we share here with you are all about natural and homogeneous ambiences and surround effects. They provide authentic recordings in a high end fashion.

We really hope you have as much fun using our sound packs as we do and be sure to check back for new releases and news.
Feel free to drop us a line if you like our work or if you have any suggestions and ideas for future releases.


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Sound Packs

We chose the higher resolution for a reason – more possibilities while editing, especially for pitch- and time shifting. For example: Just playback our nature ambience ‘Donauauen’ at 30% speed and the lovely woodpecker turns this atmosphere into a World War 2 ambience!

Yes, but this way our ambiences audition well among other sound effects in Soundminer and other audio library tools. Also you see events much better in the waveform and you don’t have to adjust the monitor volume while switching to other sound effects.

But we didn’t compromise on sound quality! There’s no compression, we just used the whole dynamic range of a 24 bit file. Just set the track volume to -15dB as a starting point and adjust from there.

After a while working with our packs the location and street names give you a higher recognition of our sound files. Together with the unique artwork of every file you’ll find a specific atmosphere much faster next time you search for it. Also it is more informative in a crowded DAW timeline than an endless chain of cropped clip names which all start with ROOM TONE and CITY.

Each sound designer builds his/her library differently. Usually every new entry will be modified to fit into the existing library organisation. Therefore deleting metadata is much easier than adding additional entries. On the other hand, e.g. during a live performance or a play rehearsal, it’s good to know what is coming next within a sound file. And who knows when you are searching for a motorcycle that the one in our ambience isn’t the one you’re looking for?


The B-Format is a ambisonics recording technique. You can shift the orientation or completely rearrange the sound field, zoom in on events or decode the stream to any desired output format, including Dolby Atmos® and Auro 3D®.
The main advantage of this technique is that almost everything can be arranged and adjusted during the entire postproduction process. Anything is possible, it’s all in your hand.
For more in depth information we recommend to visit the harpex website.

Surround and Stereo

All recordings are carefully edited and re-recorded in a Trinnov calibrated dub stage to give you a high definition and homogeneous sound field in surround and stereo. Generally they only need to be tweaked in a dramaturgic way or to fit your personal taste.

Because the local colour of our ambiences is not too distinctive, most of them can be used in any project, regardless of language or region.


Nordic Audio Labs | NU-880F
– native horizontal b-format

Soundfield | SPS-200
– full-sphere a-format

Field recorders

Cantar | X1
Sonosax | SX-R4
Sound Devices | 788T


Harpex, Fabfilter, Gullfoss
Zynaptic, iZotope ADV
ProTools Ultimate, Soundminer, Trinnov d-Mon

Download Infos

Our files are RAR compressed for faster downloading. We recommend The Unarchiver for Mac or 7 Zip for Windows  for unpacking, but there are plenty other tools freely available for every platform.

For FAT32 compatibility no archive is larger than 3 GB.

If you are having trouble while unpacking please check file integrity via MD5.
In the Mac Terminal just type in ‘md5 ‘ + the filename (you can drag and drop the archive from the finder) and hit return.
For Windows please use one of the several freeware tools available. If the result of your local file does not match the hash provided below, please download the file again.

Modern Doors
LFR_00-Metadata-Modern_Doors.rar = 1eb8f426cf3f59e640f11699fcb20a4d = 8.4MB
LFR_01-Stereo_2.0-Modern_Doors.rar = c5e2bcc2986776babdee6fd2d6389059 = 0.94GB
LFR_02-Surround_5.0-Modern_Doors.rar = 1a127c523e66911a615b7e8eb6849662 = 2.31GB
LFR_03-BFO_WXY-Modern_Doors.rar = 5a71e8d112933461888ea93e601e0c06 = 1.14GB

Ragged Doors
LFR_00-Metadata-Ragged_Doors.rar = 40ac15c8afceaafd5d49fc4f0833762a = 4.4 MB
LFR_01-Stereo_2.0-Ragged_Doors.rar = 533bf61e041ed80f8ee2ed2624afab35 = 1.04 GB
LFR_02-Surround_5.0-Ragged_Doors.rar = c83b6d3401cdff57acb097fe28d69d53 = 2.52GB
LFR_03-BFO_WXY-Ragged_Doors.rar = d73aa2d12e0b3316841c654a25b7777f = 1.32 GB

3rdFloor RoomTones
LFR-3rdFloor-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = f7975bd44e815c0ac023e51ca69a22ec = 1.5 MB
LFR-3rdFloor-2.0-96kHz-Part_1_2.rar = 392235ff252d41cdea8de324d91fa273 = 1.68 GB
LFR-3rdFloor-2.0-96kHz-Part_2_2.rar = 0e9167f11a61e601469084edc8b76c52 = 1.62 GB
LFR-3rdFloor-5.0-96kHz-Part_1_3.rar = edc28cc7f0802f26907972d30774ddc6 = 2.58 GB
LFR-3rdFloor-5.0-96kHz-Part_2_3.rar = ee5f82d6c1ea19f4460fae1168dbe470 = 2.22 GB
LFR-3rdFloor-5.0-96kHz-Part_3_3.rar = 362c0a30155f0c6c6be2795a22a05d88 = 2.21 GB
LFR-3rdFloor-BFO-96kHz-Part_1_2.rar = a5ba789403a3d246b38b86200ee1413e = 2.72 GB
LFR-3rdFloor-BFO-96kHz-Part_2_2.rar = 7ec3c8d3f496b4f452c9ad087688b6b0 = 1.86 GB
LFR-3rdFloor-2.0-HALFSPEED-48kHz-Part_1_1.rar = 6bcd5b2db9d2090de3bd15d7311f5399 = 1.58 GB
LFR-3rdFloor-5.0-HALFSPEED-48kHz-Part_1_2.rar = cfacc01bbe4a61e3ba38eddd8e0c6647 = 1.97 GB
LFR-3rdFloor-5.0-HALFSPEED-48kHz-Part_2_2.rar = 4d05c4d352e0bea048f185c739357e9a = 1.34 GB

FearedInstruments |01
LFR-FI01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = 315a00eecbef6c5c939b16585660dbaa = 7.2 MB
LFR-FI01-2.0-Part_1_2.rar = 91e8fe9dbd29ec62323456e58202c8e9 = 1.64 GB
LFR-FI01-2.0-Part_2_2.rar = 139d8282cdb7c03b009752153d09c3ca = 1.29 GB
LFR-FI01-5.0-Part_1_5.rar = 5249f0a608398c540648304e078da3a0 = 1.29 GB
LFR-FI01-5.0-Part_2_5.rar = 8be10a9e329e9ee3ba3d099d0d41a28e = 1.15 GB
LFR-FI01-5.0-Part_3_5.rar = 38db91390911740dd40e38f455999aab = 1.14 GB
LFR-FI01-5.0-Part_4_5.rar = 29418ffb72e749d1c8c2bf0e3465b2cb = 1.71 GB
LFR-FI01-5.0-Part_5_5.rar = 40dde833772e40a54686ac2fb4ca0041 = 0.78 GB

Back’n’Alleys |01
LFR-BA01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = 673ace721b6512e8c32ab930dd8c6395 = 72.1 MB
LFR-BA01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 5d9383bd6db2e4da21143b939167d4fa = 2.22 GB
LFR-BA01-5.0-Part_1_3.rar = d6fabf5e538dfaea9ae435832bfc0013 = 2.25 GB
LFR-BA01-5.0-Part_2_3.rar = 9f7693e0554eed70abc29373f0227b64 = 2.23 GB
LFR-BA01-5.0-Part_3_3.rar = 35be500bf5a2fffc2dc4db73c216ea07 = 0.73 GB
LFR-BA01-BFO-Part_1_2.rar = e9e485ba3668bae378d42c7936fd3d97 = 2.19 GB
LFR-BA01-BFO-Part_2_2.rar = 805cf109a10d4a5dff51ed1814c58755 = 2.01 GB

Rural’n’Nature |01
LFR-RN01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = 4420b5ffbce66aa0d076eafcb9acd29d = 74.1 MB
LFR-RN01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 166625e261cd94e62f26e2233b7353c6 = 2.34 GB
LFR-RN01-5.0-Part_1_3.rar = 5a105ce62133db14090ba0e03905c8e0 = 2.26 GB
LFR-RN01-5.0-Part_2_3.rar = 24414fcaa7254d85cae7c07343e9fc3e = 2.35 GB
LFR-RN01-5.0-Part_3_3.rar = 173ee0c8f91fc5809dfbf214f3e31fb4 = 0.95 GB
LFR-RN01-BFO-Part_1_2.rar = a0e43e215a0424951235b8b706cda8ac = 2.35 GB
LFR-RN01-BFO-Part_2_2.rar = 75a9a3b7b51b35fb939c102f3d45acec = 2.08 GB

City Colour |01
LFR-CD01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = cb3118996c5a03d20a3c3db4fb4ca305 = 39.2 MB
LFR-CD01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 570f04d030bd3f8631b58821c5a019a2 = 1.22 GB
LFR-CD01-5.0-Part_1_2.rar = c50e9899af0a0c1f15364b3eb95d0e5f = 2.15 GB
LFR-CD01-5.0-Part_2_2.rar = 6bd14515c6adf71c918540ac25d45e80 = 0.70 GB
LFR-CD01-BFO-Part_1_1.rar = 7b616c0e272d9ca21af7ae8d5acfdddd = 2.26

LFR-CN01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = c5716f0cd60fa5c6606c01f95e668f3c = 32.1 MB
LFR-CN01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 76848b054972c8e3f3701386f91e020d = 1.36 GB
LFR-CN01-5.0-Part_1_2.rar = fefe098733423dd6e27b779850220e7b = 2.22 GB
LFR-CN01-5.0-Part_2_2.rar = e6c7ef067ff49ed592316847ef487fa2 = 0.99 GB
LFR-CN01-BFO-Part_1_2.rar = c4ddd03b4b94c9c7a3b75b7eef0c97ea = 2.00 GB
LFR-CN01-BFO-Part_2_2.rar = fd99b318b5144478e04ab9d1bea16068 = 0.55 GB

Drive’n’Rides |01
LFR-DR01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = 888e83a31ec5444c4241b3752e4862cb = 27.1 MB
LFR-DR01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 3c6a12a1f2d037c99308ed923dce57df = 0.95 GB
LFR-DR01-5.0-Part_1_1.rar = 8f71ad7509f3859218fdb7e675598c87 = 2.17 GB
LFR-DR01-BFO-Part_1_1.rar = 67a3cad9d57ad8f8e8c843f3bc8d3f9f = 1.68 GB

Ambience Sweetener |01
LFR-FX01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = c5a18c05c049d26ef76ba62749b244ca = 68.5 MB
LFR-FX01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 2b1fb8e459e121b964f281dbaaf82f4d = 1.36 GB
LFR-FX01-5.0-Part_1_2.rar = bf35aa9cb9dc5abbcb4561fe0ad2f610 = 1.94 GB
LFR-FX01-5.0-Part_2_2.rar = d400b41cedd819de475c69bcd7643801 = 1.22 GB
LFR-FX01-BFO-Part_1_2.rar = d85f19f3ecab4b17d19afb89b3f7a967 = 1.50 GB
LFR-FX01-BFO-Part_2_2.rar = e57796a18f3f38befa7cb170eda02ee8 = 0.96 GB

Halls’n’Ways |01
LFR-HW01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = e7f1417f97d75c2e3d449d6a543ae35c = 34.8 MB
LFR-HW01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 920277b2c3577f1e9a7a01b3a6717abf = 1.36 GB
LFR-HW01-5.0-Part_1_2.rar = 0a3445ed8ed5a4cf72f07c5f88dbceaf = 2.24 GB
LFR-HW01-5.0-Part_2_2.rar = ab52ef290de99e8b2251949ea4642820 = 0.95 GB
LFR-HW01-BFO-Part_1_2.rar = 120f1f2a72d6378d9927ed8373635bb8 = 1.40 GB
LFR-HW01-BFO-Part_2_2.rar = d1236d50428e02bc2484a4e6113d2bd9 = 1.06 GB

Room Tones |01
LFR-RT01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = 9204dcb8b6d38c8e92edb90ef5e33fdc = 38.3 MB
LFR-RT01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 524195eabb944b331a51ac1f7e914668 = 1.18 GB
LFR-RT01-5.0-Part_1_2.rar = 8099131c1d9c50a8affb9a21e38edda3 = 1.93 GB
LFR-RT01-5.0-Part_2_2.rar = 9a4e838c6fb5c4137d221b007bda695c = 0.79 GB
LFR-RT01-BFO-Part_1_1.rar = 842a05b415c31c53266267e90a9bce7f = 2.29 GB

WallWalla |01
LFR-WE01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = 95474db90b7c619703dd90181a516b36 = 37.2 MB
LFR-WE01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 8704c2a19fdd3c8ad37d5f6a8f0bdd2f = 1.17 GB
LFR-WE01-5.0-Part_1_2.rar = e7e2f233ae98f9158ec8492a1c227798 = 2.15 GB
LFR-WE01-5.0-Part_2_2.rar = 069064424ea687e6a1dd6e1630f12323 = 0.58 GB
LFR-WE01-BFO-Part_1_1.rar = 38d7a03c50b00a7f5f4b28de9b86c069 = 2.11 GB

LFR-WI01-Pictures-Tracksheet-Eula.rar = 24af1de79a251ac8bd894c659d6bdbb4 = 65.1 MB
LFR-WI01-2.0-Part_1_1.rar = 895a3b599754534003f8f03bed2eafa0 = 2.34 GB
LFR-WI01-5.0-Part_1_3.rar = 99e5f270585dedb6c1e664e2161070ab = 2.30 GB
LFR-WI01-5.0-Part_2_3.rar = 5bd3c5217d0574b6593de2151862db22 = 2.20 GB
LFR-WI01-5.0-Part_3_3.rar = 1ebf9748a9e1c8f54895f32ad90500e6 = 0.92 GB
LFR-WI01-BFO-Part_1_2.rar = 69d3dcd8f7ca20ea066dba680a6d3829 = 2.23 GB
LFR-WI01-BFO-Part_2_2.rar = e48e8930f8651cd58f4ce8b5a23c5ec9 = 1.99 GB


End User License Agreement for Luftrausch Sound FX Libraries, Downloads and Services

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1. General: Our products are licensed and linked to the named licensee and are not transferable. The named licensee must be a natural person or corporate entity. After payment the license fee can not be refunded. International customers agree to be responsible for any import duties or taxes. Prices listed are net prices. To prevent possible data loss or corruption, you are responsible for your own backup copy.

2. Grant of License: Luftrausch libraries are licensed to you non-exclusively and royalty-free. Each license covers one single user workplace. If you require a multi-user or site license please contact us. Our licenses have a lifetime and worldwide validity.

3. Rights Granted: Use of our sounds in any projects you are directly contracted or assigned to provide services to. Re-record, duplicate, synchronize or release our sounds as part of a project. This includes mechanical, synchronization and public performance rights on any medium/media you choose, including films, television-broadcasts, DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, public viewings etc.

4. Restrictions on Uses: No assignment of the sounds must be made to any other party except as required for the use of the sounds in a project. Claim of owner or authorship of our sounds, photography or metadata (entire or in parts), even if modified. Transfer, copy, share, adapt or sell our licenses and/or our sounds, photography or metadata to any other party (entire or in parts), even if modified. Repackage, redistribute, or re-license our sounds, photography, metadata or any derivatives made from them (entire or in parts), even if modified.

5. Indemnity: Luftrausch accepts no responsibility for any kind of loss, damage or injuries resulting from the usage of any of our products or arising from a delayed delivery, including any expenses or additional costs. You will indemnify licensor from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, injuries, liabilities and all reasonable expenses, including legal and attorney’s fees incurred by licensor with respect to any matter that arises. Luftrausch content does not come with any warranties.

6. Jurisdiction: This agreement is governed by the laws of Austria. Place of jurisdiction is Graz, Austria.

All sounds, photography and metadata are copyright Luftrausch. All rights in the sounds/libraries, photographs, metadata and any other content remain in property of Luftrausch. Any violation of this agreement automatically terminates this license and all copies of our content must be deleted.



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