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Help for Nepal!

Our prayers are with all people in Nepal who lost their lives, homes and loved ones in this gigantic earthquake a few days ago. They need our help now! So for the next two weeks we will give 50% of our income to Food for Relief Nepal, an organisation which provides food and other materials for victims affected by the […]

Feared Instruments 01 released!

We just released Feared Instruments | 01, the missing link between music and sound-design. This pack is our first ‘effect soundpack’ and provides natural sounds, which originate from various classical instruments but sound nothing like them. These organic sound files fill the gap between music and sound effects without being synthesized or processed in any way. Check out […]

m.phase – gesture controlled DAW remote

Some time ago Ingo and I had the idea for a gesture controlled DAW-Remote. Instead of touching virtual faders and buttons on a touchscreen we thought about how we could use the blank canvas of an iPad for controlling common DAW functions in a new, more natural, way. We developed gestures for volume change, panning, solo, mute, transport […]

New Soundpacks online!

We just released the first season of our ambience packs. You can chose between 5 different sub categories and our complete collection which includes more than 10 hours of high quality ambience recordings. All Packs are offered in a Surround and Stereo Edition. The 5.0 Version also includes B-Format files of all our recordings which can be […]