3rd Floor | Room Tones released!

We just released 3rd Floor | Room Tones,
a dissection of an office building after closing hour.

3rd Floor is our first ambience special and contains over 2 hours of indoor atmospheres. It features a wide variety of room tones – ranging from small offices, utility rooms, toilets, hallways and cellar compartments to large open co-spaces and staircases.

These ambiences are quite, but not dead. They work great as a single room fill or can be used as additional background layers.

We also added a pitched down half speed version to all sounds in this pack. This changes not only the character of the sounds to a more mystical feeling – it can even alter the the overall impression of the sound all together.

Check out the Product Page for more information and sound demos!

> Product Page


| Update |

SOUND EFFECTS SEARCH – A New 36 Gigabyte Room Tone Sound Clip Library Just Released


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