m.phase – gesture controlled DAW remote

Some time ago Ingo and I had the idea for a gesture controlled DAW-Remote. Instead of touching virtual faders and buttons on a touchscreen we thought about how we could use the blank canvas of an iPad for controlling common DAW functions in a new, more natural, way.

We developed gestures for volume change, panning, solo, mute, transport functions… and came up with a concept which allows us to control many of these tasks simultaneously (e.g. volume and pan of two channels at the same time) without even looking down to the iPad.

But we are not programmers…

So the guys from manus.m took our concept, improved upon it and released a beautiful iOS app called m.phase.

For more information please watch the videos on the webpage or download the demo.

Webpage: http://www.mphase-studio.com/
iTunes AppStore Demo: https://itunes.apple.com/app/m.phase-daw-remote-lite/id867440543?mt=8
iTunes AppStore FullVersion: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/m.phase-daw-remote/id820408019?mt=8

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